Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best Security Blanket

Dallin has never been a great sleeper.  He often wakes up at night either crying or he just comes into our room.  In the beginning of July, he started waking up every night and coming in our room.  He'd come to me, and I'd get him a drink, put him to bed, and cuddle with him a few minutes before I went back to bed.  Well, he soon figured out that if he went to Dad, Dad would let him climb in bed with us.  I kept waking up in the middle of the night with Dallin asleep in our bed.  

A couple weeks ago, after Steve put the boys to bed, he comes in and tells me Caden and Dallin are both sleeping in Dallin's bed.  (He sleeps on a full size be on the bottom bunk.)  I start thinking, great.  They're going to mess around and I'm going to have to go up there and separate them.  Amazingly, they both fall right to sleep.  Next night, same thing.  After several nights of this I realize that Dallin hasn't woken up once since Caden started sleeping in his bed!  Well, on Monday and Tuesday this week, Caden "lost the privilege" of sleeping with Dallin, and, wouldn't you know it, Dallin was up both nights!  We really try and encourage Caden to sleep with Dallin now, even if he does wake him up early in the morning!


I remember trying to get permission for something as a kid.  If one parent said no, I'd go ask the other.  It never really worked, though.  My mom would always ask, "Did you already ask Dad?  And what did he say?"  I always thought it was worth a shot though.  I often hear Caden asking something, then he comes and asks me for something.  I remember my wise mother and our conversation goes like this:

Me - Did you ask Dad?

Caden - Yes. 

Me - And what did he say?

Caden - Yes.  (And Steve really said yes!  I check with him later.)

Me - Then what are you asking me for?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Seven Months

Andrew turned seven months yesterday and I thought I'd share a few of the pictures.  Of course we had to show off those legs!  And his two teeth.  He started to cut those a month ago, both at the same time.  He's a very happy boy.  Everyone always comments on how happy he is, that and how big he is and his big, beautiful, blue eyes. :)  My favorite comment was this morning at the eye doctor, "What big eyes!  You are so beautiful!  You must take after your dad!"  Um, thanks, I think! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1st day of 1st grade

Yesterday was Caden's first day of school.  I don't know how the other mom's do it.  I'm just so anxious about leaving my baby with someone else all day long every day!  I stayed home all day yesterday just in case the school had to call home, and today when I went down to Denver I was so worried I wouldn't be there to pick up Caden and he would be wondering around lost! :)  At least I know I'm being paranoid and can laugh at myself.

Caden seems to be enjoying school, but it's hard to tell.  He can spend 10 min telling me about an ant he saw a lunch time, but when I ask him if he sat by a boy or girl at school, he can't remember.  Go figure.  

So here are our pictures as we get ready to take Caden to his first day of school.  And, of course, Dallin wanted one by himself too.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I didn't realize we had so many mosquitoes here.  The boys were playing outside on Friday at 4:00 for about a half an hour, and they (mostly Caden) were covered in bites.  Last night my aunt tried to count all the bites on Caden's legs--the picture doesn't do him justice--and she lost count.  They both have bites on their faces, close to their eyes.  This morning, right after he got up, Dallin could hardly open his eye it was so swollen.  These pictures were several hours later and, believe me, he looks much better in them.  Next time I send my boys out, I'm going to rub them with Bounce and hope that works!


Everyone was crabby at church today, so when we came home, we all took a nap.  The only problem is the boys can't nap in the same room or else they just play and keep each other up.  So, Caden is supposed to rest on one of the couches downstairs, which usually means he quietly tears the house apart.  Well, today, after a bit of moving around, he was really quiet.  I was relieved and got a decent nap in.  After I woke, I went downstairs to get dinner ready.  I looked in the front room for Caden, but he wasn't there.  I checked the TV room.  The couch was torn up and blankets were everywhere, but no Caden.  I check the basement because sometimes he likes to play in there, but no Caden.  I'm starting to panic, imagining Caden going for a "walk" and is long gone.  I run upstairs, calling his name and looking in each of the rooms again.  No answer.  I start going for the phone to call 911 and I see something inside the couch.  It's Caden, dead asleep!

Friday, August 7, 2009

One of a kind

A lot of kids won't eat bread crusts.  Personally, I don't like the heel.  Caden eats it all just fine.  But I've never seen anything like Dallin.  He likes to eat his crusts first.  Really cute to watch.  He has the funniest habits.  He always tells me how good his food is.  "This is so yummy!  This is so delicious!"  It's really cute, especially on the nights he won't eat his dinner!  At least he's trying to make me feel good, I guess.