Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Portrait

Dallin came home from preschool with this family portrait he made. Sweet right? I was gushing over it, talking about all the people. Then I got to the baby.
Me: Oh, look at baby Andrew!
Dallin: That's not Andrew. You got another fat tummy and we had a baby girl!
Me: Um,okay, I guess. Then where's Andrew?
Dallin: We gave him away.
Maybe it's not so sweet after all.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Andrew's always been a people person. He's always let anyone hold him, even though when he was younger he'd often look away from the person, but he'd never cry. Now that he's started talking, he likes to say hi to everyone we walk near. Well, a few weeks ago during church, Andrew was being cranky and Dallin announced he had to pee. I said, "Fine, I'll just take them both out." When we got to the aisle, he had to wave and say "Bye!" to everyone on both sides. Of course we were sitting in the very first row so the whole congregation was watching him and most were chuckling.
When he first started saying, "Owie" it was so cute we couldn't help but make a huge fuss over him and make everything all better. Well, he figured out pretty quick that owie means he gets whatever he wants and now we hear it constantly. It would just be frustrating because we don't know if he is actually hurt or not, but, when we're at the store and he starts screaming owie because he wants to get down and run around and everyone around us looks at me like I'm a horrible mother because I'm not comforting my poor hurt baby, then it get embarrassing.