Friday, June 5, 2009


Up until a few weeks ago, Caden would tell everyone, "I can't read."  They'd feel bad for him and say something like, Well, just keep practicing and soon you'll be able to read.  I'd just roll my eyes and tell Caden to read them his school book.  He would and they would be surprised because he could obviously read quite well.  

Caden can read environmental print and he reads his school books, but he wouldn't read his own books.  Steve and I kept encouraging him to read his books, but he'd just look at the pictures.  Finally this week, something clicked and he realized he can read.  He's started reading his books and it's really rewarding to see him enjoying himself.

When I was making dinner tonight, I asked Caden to talk to Andrew to keep him happy.  When I turned around, Caden had one of his books and was reading it upside down so Andrew could see the pictures.  It was so sweet!  Then, it was bedtime and the boys were waiting for their story.  I was feeding Andrew though, so I asked Caden to pick out a book and read it to Dallin.  They had a great time reading Go, Dog, Go!  Caden read it all and they giggled at the pictures.  It was really cute hearing them together.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Windsor, here we come!

Steve got an Assistant Principal position at Windsor Middle School!  (For those of you who don't know where Windsor is, it's about 10 min northeast of Loveland, where we used to live)  We are so excited.  It's a great opportunity for Steve.  We really love northern Colorado, too.  Ever since we moved to Castle Rock, Steve's been saying he's missed it up there and wanted to move back.  Now we will.  Of course, that means packing up the house and trying to sell it. :(  Hopefully we'll have it ready for the market in a couple of weeks.  So, we're really excited about moving back to our old "home," maybe even our old ward!